Family celebrations in Menorca

Family meeting

The only thing that you need to do is to want that family reunion and then we'll take care of the rest, special lunches and dinners, a big family tea, the needs of the youngest and the oldest family members can all be taken care of, activities that you can all share or we can help you discover the enchantments of Minorca.

These days we're so busy with responsibilities and obligations that there are less and less opportunities to spend time with the family. What's more with the way we live our lives nowadays means the members of our families tend to be more dispersed.

It's not easy to get the family all together and it's not because of lack of reasons to do so, a new family member, a welcome to a new little one, grandpa's birthday or simply an old fashioned family get-together.

Son Granot offers the perfect excuse to bring everyone together and to enjoy some unforgettable moments.

Chat about old times in the gardens, a long, long lunch on the terrace, the children can play in the gardens and discover the animals and there's always the porch where one can sit and enjoy watching the boats sail by.