Events in Menorca

Unforgettable memories

Since these days families are becoming more and more dispersed geographically and everybody tends to be busy with work obligations, Son Granot provides the opportunity to get together once more. There is always some excuse, perhaps it's a grandparent's birthday, a silver wedding anniversary, a new addition to the family, that special anniversary or simply to all be together once again. What's more, we like weddings and we love to accompany the happy couple on what is the most important day of their lives, unique and unforgettable for them and their guests. We will see that the atmosphere and the details are a reflection of the personality of the happy couple and that everything is to their taste and problem free. They won't have to do a thing.

Son Granot is an exceptional venue perfect for celebrating special events.

You can meet up with friends that you haven't had the chance to see for some time, chat together at leisure, reminisce about old times and enjoy doing things together again.

Team spirit

But Son Granot is something more and offers the opportunity for the modern company to develop efficient and productive ways of working as well as the chance to develop the team spirit. Son Granot is a venue where everybody can join together to think of new challenges and plan how to carry them out.