Discover Menorca

Discover menorca

The best things about Minorca are its people, its culture, the conservation of the environment, the love the Minorcans feel for their land and their culture and, of course, the passion they feel when they celebrate their fiestas which date from medieval times. They live their lives in calm and tranquillity. All of this makes the island one of the few places where you can still breathe an atmosphere of times gone by. Of course, in August that is a little more difficult and that is why we would recommend getting to know the island either before or after this time of year.

A nearby paradise

There is no place in Minorca without interest, dreamy coves surrounded by green vegetation, white sands and turquoise waters or wilder coves with red sands, green water and spectacular cliffs. Gorges with beautiful countryside and microcosms of flora and fauna, some unique to the island, as can be found for instance in d'Algandar. Indescribably beautiful landscapes, wildlife parks such as Es Grau, where you can see some of the most beautiful native birds, natural marine parks where you can swim amongst an infinity of curious fish.

Through time

Continuing our journey through time we reach the age of the Roman Empire and the beginnings of Christianity, passing through the Middle Ages when the island was as much Christian as Muslim and to this day we can still see the influence of both cultures, in the castles, the palaces, the defences and the stately homes. Later came the Ottoman pirates, led by Redbeard, invading the island twice. Nearing the present day, that is to say, a mere two hundred years ago, we reach the times of the British and French colonisations. Minorca is a distillation of all of these centuries, each invasion and culture leaving their own particular influence on the villages, names, customs and place.

Places to visit

Minorca has many places to visit such as Mahon and Ciudadela with their incredible natural ports, strongly coveted for their strategic positions and characteristics, or small and peaceful fishing villages such as Es Castell or Fornells. In the interior of the island can be found fascinating villages such as Alayor, Mercadal, Ferreries or Es Migjorn.